Can we pick what comes in our KnitCrate?

You can customize your crate by choosing your Color Vibe each month! We show a sneak peek of the upcoming month's yarn on the 15th of every month to give you the opportunity to choose your favorite. To watch a video with step by step instructions to swap your color vibe, please click here.

Here is a description of each color vibe:

Energize me - This color vibe is all about warmth! Colors shipped can include any warm hues from light to dark: from pale coral to deep burgundy red. This category includes red, orange, and yellow, but also has tones like yellow-green (a warm green) and red-violet (purples with red undertones).

Chill Out - If you’re more into cool colors, this is the selection for you. Colors can include cool hues from light to dark: from seaglass to deep navy. This category includes green, blue, and purple, but greens will always be cool greens, and purples will be cool as well. Blue-gray may also occasionally make an appearance.

All Natural - If you love neutrals or earthtones, this is your category. Colors include semi-neutrals and neutrals: from warm neutrals like brown, sand, rust, terracotta and cream, to cool neutrals like navy, cool gray and duck egg blues. Black, white and flat gray may also make an appearance. Neutrals aren’t boring at KnitCrate!

Anything Goes - With this option you can leave your subscription options to their default setting, and get any color under the sun. Members with this option selected can get anything at any time since the crates are packed and shipped at random. This option lets you explore different color ways each month!

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